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Ex: firsthand information. Adverb: at first hand or directly. Ex: I heard this story firsthand. Related  Meaning and definitions of first hand, translation in Kannada language for first hand with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of first hand  Many translated example sentences containing "first hand" – Spanish-English dictionary and search engine for Spanish translations.

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What does first-hand mean? Alternative spelling of firsthand.

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First hand meaning

Firsthand and secondhand vs first-hand and second-hand To know of something firsthand means the information is obtained from the original source or from personal experience. Firsthand may be used as an adjective to explain the type of information that has been acquired or as an adverb, explaining how the information was acquired.

First hand meaning

Firsthand learning makes use of a learner's innate curiosity and desire to investigate real phenomena, by providing them with opportunities to learn for themselves using the analytical abilities of their own minds, and connect with the en first-hand; en forstand; en first-aid; en firsthood; 출처: 위키낱말사전. Meaning of firsthand for the defined word. 문법적으로, 이 워드 "firsthand There are varying beliefs and superstitions concerning an itch on the left hand. According to Italian superstition, an itch on the left hand is a sign of coming into money. An old wives' tale claims that an itch on the left hand indicates a During sleep, your mind keeps working while your body is at rest, creating dreams in the process. If you wake up one morning with a strong memory of a dream, you might wonder if it means something.
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First hand meaning

(at) first hand (at) first hand if you know or experience something first hand, you have personal experience of it a chance to view at first hand the workings of the court → hand Examples from the Corpus (at) first hand • Your letters were very welcome, but I still want to hear everything at first hand. ‘He has captured the first-hand accounts of many people whose stories would probably otherwise have been lost to us.’ ‘His thorough and first-hand knowledge of war could be seen clearly in these short stories.’ ‘When someone comes along with first-hand knowledge of the topic in hand it just confuses everyone.’ Find 8 ways to say FIRSTHAND, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Synonyms (Other Words) for First-hand & Antonyms (Opposite Meaning) for First-hand. first-hand: The first or highest source, without the intervention of agents or media of any kind: generally with at , or, without a preposition, in adverbial use: as, information secured at first-hand from the person interested; goods obtained first-hand from the manufacturer.
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It is also a knowledge that is gained primary (of first rank or importance or value; direct and immediate rather than secondary) • FIRSTHAND (adverb) Sense 1. Meaning: From the original source; directly. Synonyms: at first hand; firsthand. Context example: I heard this story firsthand Traduzioni in contesto per "first hand" in inglese-italiano da Reverso Context: first-hand, at first hand First hand (Idiom, English) Léo Ferré - Sad lovers. Come with me, I'll take you there, toward the great stars, The first documented use of the term was by Mark St. John of Inverness Research Associates, in a lecture at the Workshop Center at the City College of New York.