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Writing: descriptions; apostrophe 's: Exercise 5C - آموزشگاه زبان پلاس

For example the students' books. The scissors' blades were blunt. Indefinite  possessive noun is singular - apostrophe is placed before the s. Plural possession - possessive noun is plural - apostrophe is placed after the s. Some examples  There is a lot of disagreement about the answer to this question. To form the possessive of a proper noun ending in an s or z sound, some people use apostrophe  13 Mar 2018 For proper nouns, use an apostrophe only if following AP style.

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(see handout for Lecture 7). • Han bröt benet. • He broke his leg. Erik Smitterberg, PhD, Docent, Dept. of English. 5. No apostrophe with forms in -s!

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Rule 1: Many common nouns end in the letter s ( lens, cactus, bus, etc.). Remembering Grammar Apostrophe Rules.


Apostrophe after s

As a rule of thumb, adding the s to the apostrophe is a good idea: for example, the pince-nez’s lens or Mr Sanchez’s political views.

Apostrophe after s

One method, common in newspapers and magazines, is to add an apostrophe + s (' s) to common nouns ending in s, but only a stand-alone apostrophe to proper nouns ending in s. Examples: the class's hours. Mr. Jones' golf clubs.
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Apostrophe after s

The apostrophe ( ’ ) has three uses: contractions, plurals, and possessives. Contractions. Contractions (e.g., let’s, don’t, couldn’t, it’s, she’s) have a bad reputation.Many argue that they have no place at all in formal writing. You should, of course, observe your publisher’s or instructor’s requirements.

When it comes to the word “it”, rules are being reversed. When you write, either always place the apostrophe after the s, or always add apostrophe+ s.
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ʻIt's a nice day!ʼ. I know that due to there being a single apostrophe inside the quote can mess up stuff, so I'm more then happy to use a function or macro, like \apos, to insert it.